The limited edition is now an obscure idea in the world of digital photography. As the name suggests it’s limited to a specific number of prints struck from each photographic plate. Printed copies are numbered like 5/100 which indicates the 5th print out of a total of 100 prints.

The idea behind limited edition is to promise the world of not making any more print beyond that specified number in that edition. Unlike digital files, films or photographic plates loses its quality due to chemical reactions on it. So only the first few prints render at its highest quality and they are usually sold at higher prices than the rest of the copies.


Digital files don’t lose any quality, no matter whether it’s printed hundred or thousand times. The first print of a digital file will always remain identical to all the other prints made from the same digital file if the printing technique used remains the same.

There are still a lot of photographers who publish limited edition photographs; which is nothing more than a choice to make it exclusive to a limited number of collectors.